How long do cats live ?

How Long Do Cats Live ?

How Long Do Cats Live ? From kittenhood to adulthood, cats are so sweet animals, and that they add like to our lives.
Cats are wonderful creatures. But they need their daily routine, their unique ways of showing affection, and other amusing things that they are doing.
But, unfortunately, they are not in our lives forever 🙁

one among the largest things that cat parents want to grasp is how long will they need their best favorite friend in their lives for. during this blog post, I’ll answer this question, “How long do cats live?” in this article.

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Average Life Of Cats: How Long Do Cats Live ?

The final lifetime of cats is actually between almost ten to fifteen years.

cats that live unattended for long periods outside live less than cats that live at home.

expectancy depends on lotsof things.

It depends on the breed of the cat, genetics and parent history, all the diseases, and lifestyle. Cats that are obese can reduce the lifetime.

Outdoor cats live a way of life that’s dangerous. As you will have observed, indoor cats usually longer lifetimes than outdoor cats.

The thing is, the outdoor lifestyle is far more dangerous than the indoor lifestyle. Cats can get injured, they will get into the car accidents, get harmed during fights by other animals, or harmed by unscrupulous humans. And also the risk of getting a communicable disease like feline leukemia virus (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) increase.

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Keeping Your Cats Healthy Tips:

Keeping cats happy and healthy may increase their lifetime.

  • it’s imperative that you simply observe and see small changes in your cat’s behavior. One of the good practices is performing a weekly mini-physical examination to make sure that each one is well together with your cat friend. If you’re confused, you’ll be able to always ask your veterinary the way to perform this
  • There are some things to get attention to your cat changes that you simply should look out for. These include changes to your cat’s water intake, breathing patterns, coat quality, lumps and bumps, appetite, toileting habits, coughing, grooming habits, and physical abilities
  • Get your cat vaccinations consistent with the routine
  • Get your kitty checked up by the vet regularly and find a physical examination done moreover
  • Put your cat on a diet that fit’s to your cat’s age
  • Exercise and keep your cat mostly active and supply a stressless environment

Human And Cat Years

Have you ever wondered which year is equivalent cats and human years ?

Cats AgeHuman Age
0-1 month0-1 year
Six months10 years
12 months15 years
18 months21 years
2 years24 years
3 years28 years
4 years32 years
5 years36 years
6 years40 years
7 years44 years
8 years48 years
9 years52 years
10 years56 years
11 years60 years
12 years64 years
13 years68 years
14 years72 years
15 years76 years
16 years80 years
17 years84 years
18 years88 years
19 years92 years
20 years96 years

Finally: How Long Do Cats Live ?

The common lifespan of cats is between ten to fifteen years. this relies on lots of things like lifestyle, quality of food, genetic history, diseases, exercise, etc.

  • Outdoor cats on an average, live for seven years, they have a shorter lifespan and,
  • Indoor can live around like 14 years

You need the check your kitten’s behavior every time, If you have questions leave a comment below.

Lastly, Physical Changes: What Happens When Cats get older?

There are common physical and behavioral changes when cats get older. During this section of the blog, I’ll share some with you.

  • The immune system in cats gets weaker and isn’t able to drive back foreign invaders like when they young
  • The skin of the kitty gets thinner and fewer elastic which makes it more liable to infection
  • When kittens get older it gets hard to hear

Older cats need lots of love and affection. confirm you’re taking excellent care of your older cat and provide her all the love.


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